Select articles & features in popular media:

Good Morning America- 5 TikTok doctors share 5 tips to take control of your health in 2021

PopSugar- If You Need a Mental Health Reset in 2021, Start With This Psychiatrist's 5 Tips on TikTok

Salon- As face masks become the norm, many wearers quietly suffer "mask anxiety"

Bustle- The 7 Best Hacks To Not Forget Things, According To Memory Experts

Cosmopolitan- Make This Instagram-Famous Anti-Anxiety Notebook Your New Best Friend

Dazed- Meet The #TIKTOKDOCS Giving Professional Medical Advice Through Trap Music

The Guardian- Ditch the life goals: why no-pressure learning is more fun (and effective)

ADDitude- TikTok Is My Therapist: The Dangers and Promise of Viral #MentalHealth Videos

Select academic publications, chapters, and editorials:

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